Video: California

What would you do if your friend randomly asked you to join her on a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway?

If you’re like me, you’d pack your bags — or, in my case, bag.

I stuffed a carry-on with completely impractical outfits and hopped on a plane to begin the solo portion of my trip in LA. Despite being on the other side of the country, LA is home to a lot of people I love and miss dearly. I spent quality time with college roommates, former coworkers, and family members, along with their pets and air mattresses. This trip wasn’t just a way to explore another city — it was also a much-needed reunion with some strong connections that were beginning to dull as a result of distance and, well, life.

After LA, I took a bus to San Diego to meet with my road trip buddies and start our drive up north. We hiked through redwood forests, drove along the cliffs of Big Sur, and checked out the nightlife in San Francisco. It was an experience that called to attention every one of my senses — and not just because of the edibles.

This whole trip was magical. See for yourself.