Adventures in Couch Surfing

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it, and for me, it was the last 10 minutes of a yoga class. I had been in Savasana for a full 20 seconds when I heard the words that would interrupt my life and send me on a journey I didn’t even know I was looking to start: “Once you’re totally comfortable with yourself, every place will feel like home.”

As someone who struggles with anxiety, these words really spoke to me. I started thinking of ways I could step outside my comfort zone and challenge my definition of home. What better way to accomplish this than by traveling alone and learning what home is like for people everywhere?

So, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m calling on the help of some long distance friends, booking some flights, and visiting any city where I have a couch. No luxurious amenities; no agendas; no companions. 

Join me as I crash on couches in unfamiliar places. I’ll share whatever I learn and show you whatever I find. And if you have a suggestion for my next destination, let me know!

Video: California

What would you do if your friend randomly asked you to join her on a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway?

Video: Arizona

I went out west for a friend’s 30th birthday. Watch the video to see how we celebrated.

Video: Costa Rica

I literally put my life on the line in Costa Rica. Check out my experience in Tamarindo.

Denver, Colorado

In Denver, I learned that good souls find each other. And that it’s possible to eat your bodyweight in tacos.

Arusha, Tanzania

After visiting Tanzania, I’ll never look at myself in the mirror the same way ever again.